Our Story

I’m Natalie, the designer, illustrator and creator of Fawn and Flo.

At Fawn and Flo, I create beautiful, vibrant and playful giftware, homeware and stationery inspired by the fauna and flora from around the world. From the rainforests of South America, to the woodlands of Great Britain, I am fascinated by the diversity of each ecosystem, and I love to convey the beauty of this in my work.

Our Mission

At Fawn and Flo, we care about our planet and the wildlife that lives alongside us as much as we care about our individual customers. We are committed to building a business that gives back as much as it takes - if not more.

We give back to our planet. We are constantly on the look-out for ways to make our products and processes more sustainable. All of our products are manufactured in the UK - many of them in our home studio - using eco-friendly or recyclable materials. We also give 5% of all profits back to animal conservation charities.

We give back to our customers. We recognise that you care too - and so we pride ourselves on making our products the best that they can be. We add a personalised card to each order we receive, letting you know which animal charity we have donated to on your behalf. And we provide a quality customer experience, from beginning to end.

We give back to the recipients of our products. We recognise that many of you buy our products as gifts for the animal and nature lovers in your lives. We want to make sure your friends and family know just how much you care - and we do this by providing quality unboxing moments, bespoke gift wrapping services, personalised cards and beyond. Send a gift that will be treasured forever.